Has France thrown its character of hypocrisy to the legalization of CBD?

Yes, because most of the big CBD companies are still selling their products on the black market and are paying an exorbitant amount of taxes to the state. But our curiosity focuses on the interests of consuming CBD.

CBD: free for consumption

France is the country that has been very late in legalizing the sale and consumption of CBD. Moreover, with lots of hesitations, they are not convinced of the result and look for excuses to contradict the assumptions. To have the freedom to know everything, we went to Switzerland and visited a large hemp or cannabis production plant in a greenhouse. According to our team's investigations, cannabidiol is a substance that activates receptors in the human body. They provoke such different reactions depending on the nature of the plant and the morphology or the illness of the person consuming it. And indeed, the cannabis plant contains more than 500 cannabinoids, including THC which is known for its psychotropic effects, we also have CBN, CBG or CBG which bring benefits to the human body.

No problem for the consumption of CBD

In Switzerland, it is possible to produce and market CBD, and the studies have been very correct because the THC content of CBD has been reduced which gives it a non-psychotropic effect as the doctors feared. By the way, in France we don't grow cannabis, but hemp and from an ecological point of view, the culture is very different. By the way, according to analyses, cannabis is a plant whose leaves contain high doses of THC. It is this substance that creates dizziness, feelings of drunkenness or laughter. This is why cannabis is considered a drug, hence its prohibition. In France, the state has seen the results of tests that have been done to people who consumed CBD, which is the derivative of cannabis and derived from hemp.

The researchers have studied that only a small percentage of this element is found in which CBD is the state that has authorized its sale and consumption.